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Reusable Collapsible Silicone Drinking Straws Set – Eco Friendly Foldable Straws,2 Carrying Case and 2 Cleaning Brush,Kids Friendly, BPA Free,Portable, for Travel, Household, Outdoor. (Teal+Gray)


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silicone strawsilicone straw

silicone strawsilicone straw



Compared to drinking experiences with a glass or a plastic straw,you will have a way better drinking experience. Think about your precious babies ,and stay away from stainless steel straws and glass straws.

Paper straw: non-reusable; no enduring high temperature; easy to dissolve.

Stainless steel straw: unsuitable for chewing or biting, easy to scratch your lips, unsuitable for families with babies.

Let’s replace the disposable plastic straws with reusable silicone drinking straws.

1. Cold and heat resistance (-10-120C).Corrosion resistance。

5-year reusable life . 3000-6000 rejections of disposable straws

Complimentary gift :a cleaning brush for each straw

The length of silicone reusable drinking straws can be tailored to your needed length

Suitable for babies, parents and friends. A thoughtful gift for every family menber

Food-grade silicon material is very soft . It ensures the safety of your lips. BPA-FREE

A storage box ensures that you can carry this silicone reusable drinking straws abround


silicone straw

silicone straw





silicone straw

silicone straw



Our tumbler straw is washable and can be easily hand-washed or washed by a brush.Our complimentary gift–a cleaning brush—-can easily reach out to every part inside the straw. Dishwasher-safe.


Features of silicone reusable drinking straws: Collapsible & flexible. Always in a good shape.Food-grade silicon is much safer than the ordinary silicon ,because it’s 100% non-toxic to the human body. Reusable silicon drinking straw is just as comfortable and flexible as a baby’s nipple.


The foldable feature makes our reusable straws very PORTABLE, which means it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your bag, wallet or pocket. Whether it’s in your wallet or when you’re camping, the silicone rubber straws will be your perfect travel partner.


Refuse to use Disposable Plastic Straws.

Plastic straw: In the 21st century, the whole world is boycotting disposable plastic straws. Please put more focus on environment protection. STOP using plastic straws.

ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY –Our foldable silicone drinking straw is reusable. Usually, our silicone straw can be reused for over 1000 times ,which means the replacement of the plastic or paper straw in our daily life. As a safe and suitable alternative to plastic straw, the reusable drinking straw has much smaller impact on our environment. Therefore ,we can make our own attribution to the reduction of environment pollution stress ,and thus ,to save the planet from disposable plastics.

Package Include

2* Collapsible Reusable Silicone Straw

2* Cleaning Brush

2* Beautiful Carrying Case for Storage

2* Keychain

Safe Food-Grade Material: Our reusable drinking straws are made of food-grade silicon material. It’s 100% non-toxic ,odor-free and BPA-free. Meanwhile, these silicone drinking straws have following advantages: reusable ; durable; cold and heat resistance (-10-120C); correction resistance. Our silicone rubber straws are suitable for most 20/32 oz glasses . All those advantages mentioned above make our tumbler straw THE BEST choice for you as a drinking partner.
Soft Silicon Material: food-grade silicon material has good flexibility, soft texture, and can be rubbed repeatedly without deformation, which means those silicone drinking straws can be used for a long time. Given the flexible features our reusable drinking straws have, they can protect both adults and children from eye poking, throat scratches and tooth breakage effectively; There’s no need for parents to worry about accidental injuries of children. As you can see, the silicon reusable drinkin
Unique Tip-design & Collapsible: every tip design of oannao silicon straw is based on higher mathematics calculation. It turns out that our unique design is the most suitable tip model for human mouth. Release your mouth and enjoy!!! What’s more surprising is that you can turn it into certain length at will. It’s also worth mentioning that our reusable drinking straws are also collapsible for easier storage without taking up any extra space at all.
Clean & Easy Storage: Each straw is equipped with a separate cleaning brush, which can easily remove all liquid and solid inside the straw. What’s more, our silicon reusable drinking straws can be washed in the dishwasher. Each straw has a separate storage box, and it’s dust-proof, which ensures that the storage box can keep our silicon reusable drinking straws clean all the time.
Healthy & Environment-friendly: Our silicon reusable drinking straws can be used for 5 years, meaning 3000 ~ 6000 rejections of disposable straws. In other words ,with our oannao silicon straw , 4 things is going to be done: protecting the environment & caring for health. Let’s act on it!!!!


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