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GardenBliss Best Solar Lights For Outdoor Pathway, 10 Brightest Light Set For Walkway, Patio, Path, Lawn, Garden, Yard Decor, Double Waterproof Seal, Large Led Landscape Outside Post Lighting Lamps

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The Magic of Our GardenBliss Story

GardenBliss was created with a passion for nature and the outdoors, and a love of spending quality time with friends and family. From its brand beginnings in 2015, James, the owner was determined to create premium solar-powered garden lights that solved the issues with current outdoor lighting. Some were too small and dim, while others just stopped working after a few days outside after a rainstorm, while others just looked unattractive and flimsy.

He thoughtfully designed solar lights that he would be proud to display in his neatly-kept yard and garden. These premium energy-efficient outdoor solar lights are 100 percent waterproof, fully-powered even on cloudy days, look elegant and stylish, and continue to shine brightly for at least 30,000+ hours in all types of weather conditions.

And the results? Thousands of delighted customers are enjoying the pleasure of having a beautifully-lit yard where friends and family can come to gather for outdoor parties, romantic chats, or just to enjoy a welcoming view when they pull into their driveway at night. GardenBliss was created to help fill your life with even more bliss!

“Only Light Can Drive Out the Darkness”

Let’s be honest, many of us grownups are still afraid of the dark. It can be scary, foreboding, and intimidating. And the only way to combat the creepiness of the darkness, it to fight back with the power of light.

Our beautiful GardenBliss Solar Garden Lights are the perfect tool to lighten up your yard to make the overall look and feel of your home a bright, safe, and attractive beacon in the night. It will have a surprising calming presence for your whole neighborhood! You may even get a few friends following your lead with our landscape lights.

5 Easy Steps to Upgrade Your Yard in 10 Minutes or Less

We believe in the beauty of simplicity. Our Outdoor Solar Light Set is simple and easy for anyone to assemble in under 10 minutes. It comes with everything you need right in the box— including pre-installed energy efficient, rechargeable batteries. Simply follow these five steps below:

Step 1) Remove the protective film from the solar panel on each light.

Step 2) Assemble the lights by connecting the head to the post, and then the connector to the post, and then another post to the connector (optional), and finally connect the bottom post to the stake.

Step 3) {Very Important} Look underneath the lid and see the printed “Open Close” instruction. Twist in the direction of “Open” to separate the lid from the lens.

Step 4) {Very Important} Pull out the battery tab underneath the lid.

Step 5) Reassemble by twisting the lens and the lid together in the close direction. Lastly, push the stake into the ground using a post. Do NOT push down on the lid, as you may damage the head assembly.

When the Sun Goes Down, The Lights Come On…

Have you ever returned at night to a dark home and it made you feel a bit uneasy walking in the door? Then we are thrilled for you to experience the welcoming sight of your walkway lights! They automatically turn on each night after the sun goes down, so that you can always return home to a warm, bright, and welcoming home with beautiful outdoor solar lights.

It will bring you a lot of peace of mind knowing that your lights can always be relied upon to automatically turn on at night, and off at dawn. You’ll never have to worry about flipping a switch on and off, or running up your power bill with our energy-efficient garden lights!

Find Your Way in the Dark

Whether you are taking out the garbage at night, or maybe just looking for your child’s shoe they left out during the day— you will love having the added light from our top-of-the-line garden lights. It makes it easy to enjoy the night in a fresh, new, and and fun way!

Beautiful Lights for a Beautiful Yard!

We know that you greatly value the people you love and the property you own. We understand that you enjoy taking great pride in caring for your home and yard to make your house into a home. Our beautiful, high-end outdoor solar lights were created with you in mind.

Not only will our outdoor solar lights make your yard and home look even more beautiful, but they will also make for a more enjoyable night! Whether you’re hosting a BBQ, an elegant outdoor wedding, or just talking under the stars, we are confident you will fall in love with our GardenBliss Lights from the very first moment you see them turn on!

Here’s a Few Reasons Why You’ll Love Our GardenBliss Outdoor Solar Lights!

Brightest Solar Lights Beautiful Design Looks Good in Any Landscape Premium Value for our 10 Pack No Unattractive Wires Large Lights for Extra Brightness Great for Outdoor Barbecues, Weddings, & Garden Parties Quick and Easy to Install in Under 10 Minutes Two Height Options— 12 Inches or 8 Inches Tall Pre-Installed Energy Efficient Batteries Save on Your Electricity Bill Lights Automatically Turn On At Night and Turn Off During the Day LED Lights Lasts 30,000+ Hours Our NiMH Batteries Last Longer than Other Stake Light Batteries Trusted by Thousands of Happy Customers Designed in the USA Double-Waterproof Seal to Withstand All Weather Conditions Made with Premium Quality Polycrystalline Solar Panels Just the Right Size for Maximum Light Measures 12 Inches Above the Ground and 4.5 Inches in Diameter Top Performance Lights that Charge even on Cloudy and Snowy Days Completely Waterproof Shines Bright Throughout the Night in the Summertime We Provide Amazing 24 Hour Customer Support— 7 Days a Week— 365 Days a Year

Some Awesome Features Worth Mentioning:




Double-Sealed Water Protection

Double-Sealed to Withstand All Weather Conditions: We provide the only outdoor garden solar lights with a premium, double-sealed waterproof protective panel to prevent any water damage.

Which means your lights will last longer and shine brighter!

Two Adjustable Height Options

Two Adjustable Height Options to Fit Your Preference: Whether you want your outdoor landscape lights to stand tall at 12 inches above the ground, or you want them to be closer to the ground at 8 inches, you get to choose with our fully-adjustable light posts!

It’s always great having options to see what suits your yard!

Batteries Last 30,000+ Hours!

Premium LED Batteries Last 30,000+ Hours: We went all out when it comes to the design and quality of our Solar Garden Lighting Set! We chose premium LED lights so you can rely on 30,000+ hours of bright lighting at night.

You will love waiting to see them light up your yard when the sun goes down! Enjoy!

#1 BRIGHTEST SOLAR LIGHTS TO GIVE LIGHT IN DARKNESS! Get ready to fall in love with the brightest outdoor solar lights on the market today! We created our lights larger in size, with longer-lasting batteries, and high-end style to provide you with the brightest white lighting for your yard! Transform your outside walkways, gardens, and patios into a beautiful heaven-on-Earth with our premium-value, 10 piece set! #winning
GOING GREEN HAS NEVER LOOKED THIS GOOD… We know you care deeply about responsibly saving our environment and that you desire to use smart and renewable energy sources wherever possible. That’s why we are so excited to offer you our deluxe GardenBliss Solar Garden Lights! Not only do they use the power and abundance of solar energy, but they also look beautiful in your yard. Get ready to take your landscape to a perfect 10 with our elegant and highly-efficient outdoor lighting set!
TASTEFUL. ELEGANT. SMART. When it comes to the quality and style of outdoor solar lights, our GardenBliss Lights outshines all the rest. We thoughtfully focused on every aspect of our Garden Lights– from the performance, to the durability, to the appeal. We included the highest-performing batteries, the longest-lasting LED lights, and the most attractive design to give you the best lighting experience possible! You will feel proud displaying our elegant lights in your yard!
THE PERFECT GIFT FOR PROUD HOME OWNERS— If you are looking for the ultimate gift for that classy friend in your life, then you may want to consider giving them our premium GardenBliss solar garden lights. They will be the favorite gift that keeps on giving for years to come of outdoor fun and enjoyment! Provides superior lighting for summer barbecues, weddings, parties, and landscape decor. Be like Prometheus, and give the gift of light!
LASTS 30,000+ HOURS — GUARANTEED! There is a big reason we are the top-rated outdoor solar lights. We believe in treating our amazing customers like family! You can expect to receive the brightest, most durable, and elegant solar-powered outdoor lights or your money-back! If you aren’t 100% happy with our superior landscape lights, we will provide you with a full refund. You can click the yellow “Add to Cart” Button today with confidence– knowing you are getting the very best!


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